Fort Hayes Arts and Academic
546 Jack Gibbs Blvd.
Columbus, Ohio
PH: (614) 365-6681   |  Fax: (614) 365-6988


City Wide Alternative

SCHOOL MISSION: The Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center mission is to create expectations of excellence within students through challenging and collaborative learning, by blending the arts, academics, and career programs.

DRESS CODE: No school uniform but clothing that reflects good taste and a business-like approach to education is required. Career programs in medical related fields require specific laboratory dress. Performing arts do require costumes and concert attire.

CURRICULUM: Fort Hayes is two unique educational programs. The Career Center component offers half-day vocational courses in a number of health/medical programs, business computer information systems, and the visual and performing arts – all to prepare students at marketplace proficiency. The Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School focuses on a rigorous college preparatory program and a rich immersion in the arts (music, dance, theatre, and visual art). The curriculum is delivered through yearlong 80-minute class periods. Advanced placement courses are offered in English, biology, calculus, government, history, art studio, Spanish, and French.

PARENT INVOLVEMENT: Parent/Teachers/Students Association.

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS: Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, The Ohio State University Medical Center, Ross Labs, Columbus Downtown Rotary, High Street Neighborhood Association, Fort Hayes Advisory Board of community and business volunteers, and various business partnerships that connect with specific career programs.